About Us

We’ll never forget the feeling of fear, indecision, and self doubt as we walked down the hallway of the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. We had just witnessed massive teams from around the world doing great things for others at USANA's International Convention. Although we were under a strong and thriving team from Canada, we felt empowered to bring a local leadership to Southern California. As the 4-day event came to a close, we couldn’t sleep. Ideas started flowing and collaboration started growing. Within this happening, the value of the team was already proven and we knew at that moment that we would commit to seeing its fruition at all costs. We spent months, if not years crafting the vision, mission, and direction of Team Mega Powers. Our vision became to grow an international team of conscious, influential, and empowering entrepreneurs who thrive in unlocking the unlimited potential in others. Our mission is to promote healthy life habits and empower a profitable, purpose-driven lifestyle. We are all super heroes, we all have a mega power, and we will continue to invite others to discover & share theirs with the world. We are Team Mega Powers.

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USANA's International Convention 2015