TMP Cold & Warm Market System

#1 Rule: Don't Prejudge Anyone


Get people to have an open mind, willing to look at something that might make a difference in their life.


STEP 1 - Engage in real conversation

  • ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN to establish connection

  • The more you LISTEN the more you CONNECT

  • The more you CONNECT the more you KNOW them

  • Real genuine interestED is interestING




"Hey, that was really great service!"

"Is this a career or a job for you?"

"How long have you been working here?"

"What do you want to be doing?"

If you hear a NEED from them, you can instantly connect them with your sponsor (business partner or teammate) by saying "You know what, I know someone who can help you with that. If I reach out to him/her, would you be open to connecting?" If yes, take their number and begin a group text thread with a quick intro like "Hi Andre, my friend Sam mentioned she needs help with ______. I know you're an expert with ______. Can you help him/her with that?" 

Another easy way to connect is using a useful mnemonic called FORM that stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. If you are new and are having a hard time, you can just stick to using FOR in the beginning with no message. When you are ready, you can then move into the Message, which is simply a possible solution to their need.

STEP 2 - During real conversation/connection, discover THEIR NEED (below is an example question to help identify a need if you weren't able to discover their need by using FORM)

  1. "I know you're really good at _______, but do you keep yourself open to other streams of income?" 

STEP 3 - Let them know you can help, share your quick story & invite them to watch video (below is an example)

  1. "I can help you with that!"

  2. if it's a product related solution, share your quick product story or someone else's product story and say "If I got you my discount, would you try it for a month and see how you feel?" If yes, then take their info and enroll them as a preferred customer. If it's a time/money related solution...

  3. "Let me tell you what happened to me in my first 72 hours. With no experience, they showed me a simple thing and I began building a business via TEXT and I've never looked back."

  4. "IF I sent you a video that briefly summed up the spirit of the company I work for, WOULD YOU watch it?" "Great!" "What's your number?"

  5. "So if I send it to you today, when do you think you would watch it by for sure?" "So if I called you on ______, you would have seen it for sure?" "Great, talk to you then!"

  6. "Here's the link! Just watch the first video"

  7. Confirm time to conference call with them and your sponsor, business partner, teammate, mentor,--whatever word you want to use, immediately following the video viewing to hear what they liked most. 

If you are a new teammate, stop here let your sponsor (business partner or teammate) do the rest. Once you feel comfortable asking the questions below, continue...

STEP 4 - Evaluate which 2 dominant personality quadrants (fishes) they are and personalize the second and third exposure video invitations (below is an example)

  1. "Now that I have a better idea of what resonates with you, I think it would be very useful to watch two important videos. The first one will give you a sense of the spirit of the company as shared by our friends and colleagues. And the second video will give you a bit more of a unique perspective that I believe you may identify with. Cool?"

  2. "Great! Let me send you the link and give you about 20 minutes to watch and then let's get on a quick call afterwards. Sound good?"

  3. "Go to and click UNLOCK, then I'd say for you just watch the first video and then the Whale video. Looking forward to your thoughts!"

STEP 5 - Follow up using Eric Worre's GoPro Closing Script

  1. "What did you like best?" "What else?"

  2. "On a scale from 1-10, 1 being you have zero interest and 10 being you want to join the team and (FILL THEIR NEED), what number would you give yourself?"

STEP 6 - If they say 1-4, you respond:

  • "Awesome! Which products caught your eye?"

  • "Cool! Those are great! If I got you the same discount I get, would you try it for 90 days?"

  • "What's your shipping address?"

Continue to collect their information using:

Getting Started Form for CUSTOMERS

For NEW Customers/referral partners, Enroll (customers as "preferred Customer" -- Referral Partners as "Distributor") & Send Welcome Email

If they say 5-7, you respond:

  • "Awesome! What's your hesitation?"

there are only 3 concerns: time, money, and not thinking they can do this. Identify the concerns and isolate them

  • "Is that(Are those) your only concern(s)?

Get them to tell you what they are willing to do and evaluate whether they have realistic expectations

  • How much money would you need to earn per month, in order to make this worth your time? What would you do with that extra money?

  • How many hours would you commit per week in order to create a residual income of (amount they said)?

  • How many months would you commit (hours they said) hours a week to develop a residual income of (amount they said)?

  • "On a scale from 1-10, 1 being you're satisfied with what you have and 10 being you want to (what they said they'd do with the money/time), where are you?"

Proceed to STEP 7

If they say 8-10, you respond:

  • "Welcome!"

STEP 7 - Send Getting Started Info link

  • "Here's some info on how to get started..."


STEP 8 - Select Enrollment Package

  • "What's your shipping address?

  • "Is your billing and shipping address the same?"

  • "Is it your name on the card?"

  • "What's the card number? Expiration? Code?"

  • "Where should I email your receipt?"

  • "What's your social so that USANA can pay you?"

  • "Perfect! So excited to partner with you! I will be welcoming you to our private Facebook group, sending you a personal welcome email with your account info, and texting you our Text System, so keep an eye out for them and let me know if you have any questions!"

STEP 9 - Add/Welcome to TMP FB Group & Your personal FB Page using our TMP Logo/Hashtag watermark tools:

STEP 10 - Send Welcome Email and text the Hot Market Text System link: