TMP Social Media


Create visibility to the community of TMP with a professional and cohesive branding style.


STEP 1 - Follow Team Mega Powers on:

Share facebook posts, repost instagrams, & retweeT tweets


STEP 2 - Download/Save USANA & TMP Watermark Logos on your phone

SavE files in a specific "TMP" album for easy access


STEP 3 - Download Word Swag App on your phone

STEP 4 - Use Word Swag App to write: #TMP4life on your picture using ULTRA CLEAN font.


STEP 5 - Once you click DONE, Word Swag will prompt you to a SHARE page. At the bottom of this page is the option to ADD LOGO/WATERMARK. Click this and then add the .png watermark file. Pinch the watermark image to select the sizing. 




STEP 6 - On your post, include: #TMP4life #TeamMegaPowers #USANAlifestyle